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Rare American Books

The New York History Review Press was established in 2007. One of our goals is to digitally preserve and reprint rare "at risk" antiquarian American books, family and local histories to make them available again to the public. We are firmly committed to our goals: in the first year of the program we added more than 12 titles to our collection, and now have more than 2,000 books in print. And every month, we acquire additional books to reprint.

Much of the material that we reprint comes from our own collection of rare genealogies, local histories, and maps, and we are always working to acquire new titles through auctions, book dealers, and private collections.

Let us know what types of books you want.

Dedicated to acquiring and digitally restoring/preserving items of historic merit, including books,
sheet music, journals, and cookbooks of importance to Americans in the 19th century

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