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History of Victorian Food in America

Victorian Americans ate pretty good - here's a timeline of food recipes and food products and the year they were introduced in America

1820s Lady Fingers, granulated sugar
1821 Tomato catsup, orange marmelade
1824 Chicken-fried steak, A1 Steak Sauce
1826 Fondue
1828 Duck a l'Orange, Brunswick stew, cupcakes
1830 Soft drinks in America, cornmeal mush
1830s Bouillabaisse, Hopping John
1835 Worcestershire Sauce
1837 Idaho potatoes, Worcestershire sauce
1839 Key limes, peach cobbler
1840s Irish soda bread
1845 Poland Spring water, forerunner of Jello-0 invented by Peter Cooper
1846 Hand-cranked ice cream machines
1847 Chinese food in America
1847 Necco Wafers, peanut brittle
1848 Commercially produced pasta in Brooklyn, NY
1849 Concord grapes, sourdough bread
1850s Strawberry shortcake, strawberry ice cream, chewing gum
1851 - First commercial ice cream factory in Baltimore, first US cheese factory in Rome, NY
1850 Marshmallows
1853 Potato chips, self-rising flour
1855 Boston cream pie
1856 Condensed milk, first vegetarian community established in Kansas
1859 Baking powder, Cobbler
1860s Baked Alaska, ice tea
1860 Fish & chips
1861 Beef Stroganoff, popcorn balls
1862 Ginger Ale, first vineyards planted in California
1863 Breakfast cereal, fruit salad, Thanksgiving became an annual event
1864 Apple Crisp, Apple Brown Betty
1865 First coffee percolator
1866 Conversation Hearts
1867 Underwood Deviled Ham, canned baby food
1868 Tabasco sauce - first batch shipped in 1869
1868 Fleischmann's Yeast
1869 Campbell's Soup, Hires Root Beer, first waffle iron
1870 Margarine
1870s California raisins, Parker House rolls, New Orlean's King cakes, Neapolitan ice cream
1871 Groom's cake, marble cake. oleomargarine patented, russet potato developed
1872 Philadelphia cream cheese, machine-made toothpicks, donut cutter patented, sugar cubes, Pillsbury flour
1873 Long Island duck
1874 Commerical oleomargarine manufacturing began, Pascal celery
1876 Heinz Ketchup, popovers, Lobster Newburg, Moxie soda pop, canned sardines
1877 Ambrosia
1878 Milking machine invented
1879 Wheatena, saccharin, funnel cakes, Nestle's first chocolate bars
1880s French dressing, angel food cake, meatloaf
1881 Ice cream sundae
1883 Salt water taffy, malted milk
1885 Milk shakes, Dr. Pepper, evaporated milk, Philadelphia cream cheese, first Florida grapefruits arrive in NYC
1886 Coca-Cola, first California oranges shipped east
1887 Malted milk, cherries jubilee, first paper napkins
1888 Patent for drinking straws
1889 Pizza, bundt cake, first use of the word "hamburger", Aunt Jemima pancake flour
1890s Ice cream sundaes
1890 Corn oysters, peanut butter
1891 Fig Newtons, Knox gelatine
1893 Cracker Jacks, Postum
1893 Good and Plenty candy, Juicy Fruit chewing gum
1894 Hershey chocolate bars, Eggs Benedict
1895 Peanut butter, Salisbury steak, canned pineapple from Hawaii, Postum, first pizzeria (Gennaro Lombardi in NYC)
1896 Chop suey Tootsie Rolls
1896 Oatmeal cookies, Waldorf salad, Chop Suey invented in NYC
1897 Jell-O, Corn Flakes
1897 1000 Island dressing, cotton candy, Melba toast, Smucker's jelly
1898 Jelly beans, candy corn, Pepsi Cola, Lane Cake, Grape Nuts
1899 Oysters Rockefeller created in New Orleans, Carnation Evaporated Milk
1900 Chicklets gum, Hershey's Milk Chocolate bar
1901 Peanut butter & jelly

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