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Why do we restore Victorian books?

A restored book should have the appearance that it would have had if it never needed mending. It should have as much of the original material as is possible to use and still maintain the usability of the book. All new work should be in keeping with the style and the time in which the book was produced.

Our conservators maintain the integrity of the book while making it usable in the present and preserved for posterity. Digital methods have made the art of book restoration a much simpler task, allowing restoration artists to work on a digital image instead of the original photograph, slide or negative. Our books have been restored to an excellent state without altering the original image. Old books can be revived by "cleaning up" mildew, water stains, spots, and tears.

While a look of proper age is desireable, repairs should be as inconspicuous as possible, no attempt should be made to fool future owners.

Dedicated to acquiring and digitally restoring/preserving items of historic merit, including books,
sheet music, journals, and cookbooks of importance to Americans in the 19th century

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