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Clam Chowder - Twenty-five clams chopped fine, six potatoes chopped fine, two onions chopped fine, a piece of salt pork, also chopped, and butter about the size of an egg, salt and pepper to taste; the clam juice and one pint of milk, and the same of water; six crackers rolled, one nutmeg grated, teaspoonful celery seed. Boil these slowly for at least four hours, adding water if it becomes too thick; half an hour before serving add coffee-cupful of tomato catsup and two tablespoonsful of Worcestershire sauce. When ready for the table add tumber of sherry; cut a lemon in slices and serve with it.

Irish Stew - Put two pounds of mutton cutlets or chops, and four pounds good potatoes, peeled and sliced, in alternate layers in a large saucepan or stewpan, season to taste with pepper and salt, and a finely shredded onion, if liked; add a pint of cold water, and simmer gently for two hours. Serve very hot.

Huckleberry Tea Cake - Two cups of sour milk, half a cup of white sugar, one egg, teaspoonful of soda, teaspoonful of salt, flour enough to make it a stiff dough. Beat it well and fill with berries. To be eaten hot with butter. If made with sweet milk, use baking powder instead of soda.

Queen Pudding - One quart of milk, one and three-fourths cupfuls of bread crumbs, yolks of four beaten eggs, and sugar to taste; bake until done, taking care not to have it watery. Whip the whites of four eggs, and a tablespoon of sugar, and flavor with a lemon. Spread over the pudding a layer of sweetmeats or jelly. Put the whites of the eggs on and brown lightly. Serve cold with cream.

Chicken Fricasee - Prepare a couple of nice chickens; joint them, dividing the wings, side, breast, and backbone, and let them lie in salt and water half an hour; remove them then to a stewpan, with a half pound of good, sweet salt pork cut up in peices; barely cover with water, and simmer on the top of the stove or range for three hours; when suffieciently tender take out the chicken, mix a tablespoonful of flour smoothly with cold milk, and add a little fine dried or chopped parsley, sage, and thyme, or summer savory, and stir gradually into the liquor, keep stirring till it boils, season with pepper and salt to taste; and then put back the chicken and let it boil up for a few moments in the gravy' garnish with the green tops of celery.

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